why my YouTube channel development is hard.

In my very first blog post, i mentioned that i had an old YouTube channel about 5-6 months before. I ended up deleting all of my videos as it got hard. In January this year, i started it back up again to have another shot at it, i am still making videos to this very... Continue Reading →


My favourite type of clothing?!

Heyy thereeee! Today i wanted to share with you all about my favourite types of clothing and what i personally would wear out on certain occasions and still feel comfortable. So firstly, my absolute favvvvvvvourite type of ANY clothing is jumpers. I would literally chose to wear jumpers over anything!! Personally i think jumpers pair... Continue Reading →

heyy there!

hellooooo! Lovely to be finally writing back on my blog again, sorry i haven't been posting as much as i had promised but the good news is that i have just finished my big tests of the year so all the stress is off my shoulders! I've thought that because i haven't wrote as much... Continue Reading →

I’m back!

Hi everyone, sorry i haven't posted in a while! i have been busy with filming videos, searching for ideas, school and other things to. i will start to post again on this and write as much as i can, since i have been gone i have posted two YouTube videos on my channel ( Eleanor... Continue Reading →


heyyyy i have exciting news! i have offically uploaded my first YouTube video for my channel "Eleanor Dobbs" !! i had a lot of fun filming it and thinking of different ways to entertain the watchers while listening to me blabing on about myself .. Ahaha you can go watch it now on YouTube on... Continue Reading →

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